Flat-Sided Crankbaits for Cold-Water Bass

When the water is cold, subtle, flat-sided balsa crankbaits often excel for bass. The Original Shad Rap remains one of the best.

Wacky RIGGING Tactics for Cold-Water Bass

The first time I saw a wacky rigging worm, I thought, “This is just wrong.” I’ve since learned that sometimes, it can be really, really right. Especially for finicky bass in cold water. After all, bass fishermen take pride in rigging their Texas-rigged plastic worms...

Top High Water Bass in Spring Tactics

High Water Bass High water bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, react to rising water conditions by moving shallower in spring. Most folks understand this concept, but the simple truth is that they don't fish shallow enough. Some tournament guys will venture way back...

Smallmouth Bass Soon After Ice-Out

After ice-out, early spring smallmouth bass begin making tentative movements atop hard-bottomed structures in the main lake. Cast neutrally-buoyant crankbaits, using slow retrieves with frequent pauses.

Find Fish Fast with Swimbaits (Multi-Species)

If you want to find fish fast, it's tough to beat a swimbait, no matter what species of fish you're targeting. They work in almost any situation and the rigging options are endless. We use them for walleyes, smallmouth bass, pike, and they become massively important...

Largemouth vs. Smallmouth Bass Location in Fall

Largemouths and smallmouths use different types of habitat in fall. Slow-roll large spinnerbaits to locate active biters in the shallows.

Kayak Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Pat Zerwas (, a kayak fishing guide in the Brainerd Lakes area of MN, tackles largemouth bass in the reeds at eye level, tossing wacky worms to trigger strikes.

Bass Tubes: The Nuclear Bomb of Smallmouth Fishing

Bass Tubes: The Nuclear Bomb of Smallmouth Fishing There’s one lure, bass tubes, that consistently catches smallmouth bass everywhere you go. It’s not new and sexy like the Spybait, it’s ugly and it’s been around for a LONG time. Why is it so successful? It closely...

Largemouth Bass Behavior in High Water

Largemouth bass react to rising water levels by moving into the back reaches of newly-flooded bays and coves. Rather than searching acres of flooded timber, focus on steeper, harder-bottomed bank sections with submerged rock or wood cover.

Topwater Tactics for Smallmouth Bass

When bass are tentative yet feeding near the surface, twitching prop baits interspersed with frequent pauses drives bass wild! Bass rise to the occasion to snatch them off the calm surface.
Top 6 Smallmouth Bass Baits

Top 6 Smallmouth Bass Baits

Tony Roach gives his top 6 must have smallmouth bass baits that you need to have tied on if you plan on targeting smallies throughout the spring, summer, and fall! Top 6 Smallmouth Bass Baits Smallmouth bass are one of those fish that can be feeding on a certain type...

Best Bass Rods Under $100

Best Bass Rods Under $100

Best Bass Rods Under $100 The 2020 fishing season will be long remembered for all its high and low points. Early on in the pandemic, several jurisdictions closed access areas or even banned fishing. Guides were not allowed to take customers in some states, as well....

Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass

Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass

When it comes to fishing bass in weed cover, most anglers reach for a jig, Carolina Rig, or some other soft plastics, but one bait that isn't thrown often, but can produce big numbers of fish out of weed beds is crankbaits. Throwing crankbaits through weed cover...

The Effectiveness Of The Ned Rig

The Effectiveness Of The Ned Rig

James Lindner show you how to fish a ned rig for smallmouth bass and explains why this finesse presentation is so effective for bass in general. The Effectiveness Of The Ned Rig Over the last number of years there has been a really dramatic change in bass fishing....

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