Bass Tubes: The Nuclear Bomb of Smallmouth Fishing

There’s one lure, bass tubes, that consistently catches smallmouth bass everywhere you go. It’s not new and sexy like the Spybait, it’s ugly and it’s been around for a LONG time. Why is it so successful? It closely mimics many of their favorite treats, whether that be...

Largemouth Bass Prespawn Tactics

With weather conditions stabilizing following a turbulent spring, largemouth bass are moving shallow in earnest, feeding aggressively prior to constructing nests for spawning as the water temperature rises above 60º F. In most cases, bass gather in areas with some...

Wacky Worming Dock Bass

The game is afoot, and the bass are biting! Troy Lindner goes after largemouths bass-ackwards, walking out on docks and fluttering a wacky worm down on their unsuspecting noses.

Smallmouth Bass Location – Lakes vs Rivers

Smallmouth bass are one of the most adaptable species of fish in freshwater. They will eat just about anything and can live just about anywhere! For our discussion today, we’re going to break down cover options for smallmouth in two ways: 1. Natural Lakes 2. Rivers...

Smallmouth Bass Love Spinnerbaits in Early Fall

Smallmouth bass often exhibit shallow-water flurries in early fall. Tandem willow-bladed spinnerbaits methodically cover the shallows to provoke strikes.

Use Lighter Jigs for Big Bass in Fall

Colder water slows largemouth bass metabolism in mid- to late fall. Match lighter-weight, slower-sinking jigs to reduced bass aggressiveness.

Smallmouth Bass Postspawn Deadsticking Finesse

As smallmouth spawning draws to a close, slow retrieves with long pauses tempt reluctant bass into biting. Softbaits excel under these conditions.

Match Lure Styles to Bass Position in Weeds

Largemouth bass may be deep within, cruising above, along the edges or outside the cover provided by weedbeds. Match lure style, retrieve and equipment to bass position and activity.

Jig n’ Pig a Halloween Treat for Big Bass

One Halloween long ago, Bill Lindner attended a costume party dressed as “jig n’ pig.” Visualize a hard hat and a bushy skirt, more or less. You get the picture. Now try to get it out of your mind… For bass, however, a jig n' pig trailer combo is a mighty irresistible...

Weed Edges Attract Active Bass

Weedy lakes are filled with edges where active bass feed. Edges are numerous in type and location: weed tops, inside edges, outside edges, edges where different weed types meet, hard-bottomed open spots within weedbeds--even the shoreline and surface form edges!...
Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass

Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass

When it comes to fishing bass in weed cover, most anglers reach for a jig, Carolina Rig, or some other soft plastics, but one bait that isn't thrown often, but can produce big numbers of fish out of weed beds is crankbaits. Throwing crankbaits through weed cover...

The effectiveness of the Ned Rig

The effectiveness of the Ned Rig

Over the last number of years there has been a really dramatic change in bass fishing. There has been a real push towards finesse fishing and leading that change has been the Ned rig. The ned rig is a simple but deadly presentation. It is a lightweight mushroom style...

Best Bass Rods Under $100

Best Bass Rods Under $100

The 2020 fishing season will be long remembered for all its high and low points. Early on in the pandemic, several jurisdictions closed access areas or even banned fishing. Guides were not allowed to take customers in some states, as well. But once saner heads...

Topwater Fishing Tips for Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass

Topwater Fishing Tips for Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass

This time of year is great for topwater fishing, especially for largemouth and smallmouth bass. This is some of the most explosive fishing action you can have all year! This is a relatively easy way to catch fish. You're bait doesn't get snagged up because you're...

3 Smallmouth Lures for TOUGH Bites

3 Smallmouth Lures for TOUGH Bites

What's the best solution for a tough smallmouth bite? Minnesota guide Brad Hawthorne harkens back to their favorite treat: a nice, juicy leech. In this video, he shares his three favorite leech imitating jigs/plastics you need to try next time you're chasing...

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