Why Al Lindner Loves Fishing Bass in Early Fall

"Hi everybody. Al Lindner here for AnglingBuzz. "Fall is in the air! I can feel it, I can smell it, I can see the trees just starting to change colors. I love it! The next 6 to 8 weeks mean big fish and lots of them. "Two days ago, I had the best largemouth bass bite...

Patterning Largemouth Bass in Early Fall

In fall, largemouth bass make a slow transition from shallower to deeper weed zones. Apply proper lure selection and boat control to cover flats vs. dropoffs.

Crankbaiting Small Lakes for Big Largemouth Bass

Small, fertile lakes and ponds grow some of the largest bass, yet receive little or no fishing pressure. Casting crankbaits can be deadly for bass feeding on bluegills near the surface.

Crankin’ River Smallmouths in Mid Fall

As smallmouths migrate downriver in fall, they settle into deeper holding areas with reduced current. Until then, slowly retrieving deep-diving crankbaits locates moving fish.

FALL Smallmouth Bass in Rivers

River smallmouth bass often migrate long distances in fall. Efficiently cover water to locate moving fish as they adapt to high- vs. low-water conditions.

Early Spring Smallmouth Tips & Tactics

One things that's amazing about early spring smallmouth bass is how quickly some of the fish in the population will move shallow. Al Lindner has found them up in shallow water as early as 4-5 days after ice-out. Obviously that has nothing to do with spawning, yet alas...

Match Lure Styles to Bass Position in Weeds

Largemouth bass may be deep within, cruising above, along the edges or outside the cover provided by weedbeds. Match lure style, retrieve and equipment to bass position and activity.

Smallmouth Bass–Jigging Offshore Humps

Casting and swimming jigs tipped with softbaits appeals to the tentative nature of postspawn smallmouth bass. Shallow offshore humps are prime for big fish.

3 Smallmouth Lures for TOUGH Bites

What's the best solution for a tough smallmouth bite? Minnesota guide Brad Hawthorne harkens back to their favorite treat: a nice, juicy leech. In this video, he shares his three favorite leech imitating jigs/plastics you need to try next time you're chasing...

Smallmouth Strike Zone Success

Smallmouth have a large strike zone when they are in a positive mood, which is usually the result of positive things happening in their environment. Food is abundant, weather conditions are stable or improving, or light levels are optimum for feeding success. Throw a...
Best Bass Rods Under $100

Best Bass Rods Under $100

The 2020 fishing season will be long remembered for all its high and low points. Early on in the pandemic, several jurisdictions closed access areas or even banned fishing. Guides were not allowed to take customers in some states, as well. But once saner heads...

Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass

Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass

When it comes to fishing bass in weed cover, most anglers reach for a jig, Carolina Rig, or some other soft plastics, but one bait that isn't thrown often, but can produce big numbers of fish out of weed beds is crankbaits. Throwing crankbaits through weed cover...

The Effectiveness Of The Ned Rig

The Effectiveness Of The Ned Rig

Over the last number of years there has been a really dramatic change in bass fishing. There has been a real push towards finesse fishing and leading that change has been the Ned rig. The ned rig is a simple but deadly presentation. It is a lightweight mushroom style...

Topwater Fishing Tips for Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass

Topwater Fishing Tips for Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass

This time of year is great for topwater fishing, especially for largemouth and smallmouth bass. This is some of the most explosive fishing action you can have all year! This is a relatively easy way to catch fish. You're bait doesn't get snagged up because you're...

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