bass in fall

Use Lighter Jigs for Big Bass in Fall


Bass in fall love a skirted jig. As the colder water slows largemouth bass metabolism in mid- to late fall. Match lighter-weight, slower-sinking jigs to the reduced bass aggressiveness.

Use Lighter Jigs for Big Bass in Fall

When the water starts cooling down the best big fish bait that I know of is a jig.

Now in the summertime when a water is really warm most of the time I’m throwing a three-quarter ounce Terminator jig that you can pound through the weeds and slop. It also drops really fast when it hits the bottom and it throws up a puff cloud which really triggers fish. This is my go-to set-up throughout the summer.

After lakes turn over and water starts getting into the low to mid fifties; that three-quarter ounce jig is nowhere near as effective.

The largemouth bass have slowed down a bit and don’t want to be chasing a fast falling jig. This is when I will down size and switch over to a half ounce Terminator jig or even a three-eights ounce jig.

Now that half ounce will work well until the water temps reach into the forties. That’s when I will keep downsizing to a quarter ounce jig and as the water continues to drop I will keep downsizing my jig all the way into the low forties and even into the high thirties.

The key is to downsize and then fish slow. The colder the water the gets the slower you are going to fish.

Bass in fall will bite a jig all the way until ice up. The key is to match your jig size with the water temp and the mood of the fish!

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