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Where and How to Fish Spinners

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Jeremy Smith offers up a few tips on where and how to fish spinners for a variety of different species from largemouth bass to muskies.

Where and How to Fish Spinners

Spinners are a family of baits that include spinnerbaits, inline spinners, beetle spins, and more. This style/family of baits is a great option for all types of fish including muskies, bass, northern pike, and panfish.

There is a lot more to fishing a spinner than just casting it out and reeling it in. Water temperature, water color, size of bait, depth of water and more all play a factor in how to fish spinners.

As a general rule of thumb, the shallower the water the lighter the spinner, the deeper the water the heavier the spinner. This can be applied to all types of spinners.

Water temperature plays a big factor when fishing spinners, because it has a direct correlation with the speed in which you retrieve your spinner.

During the spring, when the water is cold you will want to slowly bring in your spinner, reeling it in just fast enough to move the blades.

As the water begins to warm up during the summer months, that’s when you will want to really burn your baits back to the boat and work it quickly in order to trigger strikes.

Changing your retrieve angle can be important when triggering fish to bite as well. Adding a little pull or a hesitation every so often in your retrieve can also be very beneficial.

Those small changes in your retriever often make a big difference when fishing spinners.

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