weed edge bass fishing

Weed Edge Bass Fishing

by | Aug 5, 2022 | 0 comments

James Lindner shares some insight on weed edge bass fishing during the heart of the summer months.

Weed Edge Bass Fishing

Weedy lakes are filled with edges where active bass feed. Edges are numerous in type and location: weed tops, inside edges, outside edges, edges where different weed types meet, hard-bottomed open spots within weedbeds–even the shoreline and surface form edges!

When weed edge bass fishing is crucial to establish the productive depth and types of weed edges that largemouth bass are using. Then fine-tune your tactics to bass location, weed type and thickness, and the level of bass aggressiveness: positive (faster-moving lures), neutral (modest speeds), even negative (slow-moving with extended pauses).

There are a number of baits for anglers to choose from when picking apart weed lines and catching bass in and along the weed lines. When targeting deeper weed lines crankbaits, Tokyo rigs, and swimbaits are a few good options that can be fished deep in and around the weeds.

When weed edge bass fishing on the shallow or inside weed lines topwater baits like the Rapala X-Rap Pop or Terminator Popping Frog are great options, because those bass are often feeding on frogs and baitfish near the surface.

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