lake vermilion smallmouth bass fishing

Lake Vermilion Smallmouth Bass

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James Lindner talks about Lake Vermilion smallmouth bass fishing and how it is one of the best lakes in the state to catch numbers of big bronzebacks!

Lake Vermilion Smallmouth Bass

Lake Vermilion is one of those special lakes in Minnesota that has it all. Big muskies and northern pike, trophy walleye, panfish, and lots of big smallmouth bass.

With its rocky shorelines and tons of off shore structure, Lake Vermilion is truly one of the top smallmouth bass fishing destinations in the midwest.

They are numerous and grow to big sizes often exceeding +5 lbs.

The great thing about Lake Vermilion smallmouth bass fishing is that you can use about any presentation you want. Because there are so many different types of structures these bass can be found on, you can find a spot to use every type of presentation out there.

Finesse presentations like drop shots, ned rigs, and tubes work great. If you want to power fish, you can catch them on crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and jerkbaits.

You can catch them on live bait and for a good chunk of the year you can also catch them on topwater, especially during the bug hatches. It doesn’t matter how you want to do it, you can catch smallmouth bass all summer long on Lake Vermilion.

If your looking for a great smallmouth bass fishery, I highly suggest you head North and check out Lake Vermilion!

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