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Punchin’ Largemouth Bass in Heavy Cover

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Punchin’ Largemouth Bass in Heavy Cover

Punchin’ is a no-holds-barred method for extracting big largemouth bass from down within heavy weedgrowth. Long rods, heavy superfine and specialized hooks and sinkers pack a powerful punch!

Punchin’ is a technique that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, allowing anglers to fish in heavy cover and target largemouth bass. In this article, we’ll explore the key components of the punchin’ system and how it can be used to catch big bass in almost impossible conditions.

The Weight

Tungsten is the only way to roll with this system. The design of the VMC Flippin’ weights have a magic design that seems to repel weeds. We carry three quarter, one, and one and a half ounce weights and choose between them depending on the depth and thickness of cover.


Hooks are another key component of the system. We use VMCs Flippin’ and Heavy Duty Flippin’ hooks in three out to five odd sizes. These hooks have a straight shank and a keeper that holds the plastic securely in place. The design of these hooks allows maximum hooking and holding power in this type of cover. One key element is to tie the hook with a snell knot which cantilevers the hook on the set, turning it into a mousetrap.

Punch Stops or Pegs

There are a couple pegging options. One is like a bobber stop that rides above the sinker to hold the weight in place. The other is one that is threaded through the center of the sinker to hold it. Both work well but we prefer those that slide on the line.

Punch Skirts

One of the cool new items in the punching arsenal are punched skirts. They slide on your line just below the sinker and above the hook and make the punch rig look like a skirted jig yet far more weedless.


Punchin’ is a great way to target largemouth bass in heavy cover. With the right components, anglers can get into the junk and catch big bass in almost impossible conditions. Bobbie Barrett, one of the best guides out there, has been able to get phenomenal results with this technique in the Delta, catching some of the biggest bass in North America. With the right equipment, anglers can get serious with these fish and land some real bruisers.

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