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Largemouth bass are one of the most underrated species of fish to target through the ice. They are still quite active and can be caught in large numbers on many lakes. In this video, Jeremy Smith and Mike Hehner chase largemouth bass and northern pike with tip-ups and micro jigs.     For more video [Read more…]


AnglingBuzz ICE – Episode #2   Click here to sign for our BIG ice giveaway.   AnglingBuzz ICE (#2) – Spoons are an excellent hardwater option, no matter what species of fish you’re chasin’ – walleye, perch, crappie, trout, pike, bass, etc. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit various fishing applications. In [Read more…]

What’s the best solution for catching tight-lipped smallmouth bass? Minnesota guide Brad Hawthorne harkens back to their favorite treat: a nice, juicy leech. In this video, he shares his three favorite leech imitating jigs/plastics you need to try next time you’re chasing bronzebacks.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Lake Vermilion Resorts

The AnglingBuzz HQ is located smack-dab in the middle of walleye country, but I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t love catching a few smallmouth from time to time. Here’s a quick grocery list of killer smallmouth lures you should check out if you’re just starting out:   – Z-Man Finesse TRD – $3.99 – Z-Man [Read more…]

Hawk Lake TIle

Most folks subscribe to the old adage “big baits catch big fish” – and while that can be true for many species of fish, smallmouth seem to be an exception. Sure, they’ll bite larger lures (swimbaits, jerkbaits, etc.), but they seem to LOVE smaller finesse-style baits. Hair jigs, small swimbaits, dropshots, small tubes, ned rigs [Read more…]


The Great Lakes are a gold mine for excellent smallmouth bass fishing, especially during the springtime months when smallies are in the shallows chasing forage and participating in the spawn. In this video, James Lindner talks about a few awesome smallie spots on the Great Lakes, as well as some excellent presentations you should try [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species

In episode #4 of AnglingBuzz TV, we’re breaking down big water smallmouth bass with brown bass expert James Lindner. Now’s the time when those hearty bronzebacks are heading up into the shallows, providing some exciting shallow water fishing opportunities.     Never miss an episode of AnglingBuzz TV, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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