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When you’re fishing in river situations, it’s important to understand how relate to cover and structure based on current direction and strength. Once you know where the fish are sitting and what direction their facing, you can more efficiently present lures directly in front of their noses!     For more videos like this, Subscribe [Read more…]

Hawk Lake TIle

Whether you’re a shore fisherman, a kayak fisherman, or you just like to hop in the boat with your fishing buddies every now and then, it pays to have a simple travel tackle kit with all the essentials ready to go at all times!     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube [Read more…]


When most folks get hung up on a tough day of fishing, they try experimenting with color. While it’s good to change things up, color isn’t typically the most important factor you should be adjusting. Often times, speed is a much more important variable to dial in first.     For more videos like this, [Read more…]

Explore Alexandria

Over the years, I’ve caught some really great fish from shore. We’re talking giant beasts on saltwater beaches, to freshwater beauties in lakes and rivers. No boat, no problem, as I try and keep one or two rods in my truck at all times…just in case.   Finding good spots from the bank requires a [Read more…]


The AnglingBuzz region is unquestionable the epicenter of North America’s finest brown bass fishing. On today’s highlight destination we’re gonna look at some premiere smallmouth fisheries for both numbers and size.     MISSOURI RIVER   First up, North and South Dakota’s Lake Oahe. Oahe is monstrous! It’s nearly 230 miles long, and for years, [Read more…]

Rumble B

If you’re like me, I enjoy scanning over a good topographic map or scrolling over the mapping system in my GPS to look for new lakes to explore. When you do, you’ll often find clusters of small lakes tucked away in some regions; lakes that are under a few hundred acres that are often uncharted [Read more…]

Sea Foam Rebate

Nothing is random in the underwater world, especially when it comes to fish behavior.   Fish are either responding to instincts like the need to spawn, feed, or seek safety — or environmental stimuli like seasonal changes, weather, moon phase, or water temperature.   Most times, fish are responding to it all: instinct and ecology [Read more…]

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