Ontario Canada: A Travel Destination

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Ontario Canada: A Travel Destination​

Over the years I’ve traveled throughout Ontario experiencing some great fishing adventures. Many anglers plan Canadian trips during the summer months to experience the incredible fishery Ontario has to offer.

 With the Covid pandemic, many anglers had to cancel their annual trips North of the border.

Fortunately Canada is set to open their boarders August 9th, 2021.

With anticipation for the upcoming boarder opening here are some things you should know when planning a trip to Ontario Canada.

Ontario has an unlimited number of options for the sportsman. It offers world class fishing and hunting opportunities. With the wide variety of different trips that are available in Ontario there is something for everyone.

If you want to go big there’s a lot of four-star lodges north of the border with great fishing, guides, luxurious accommodations, and even gourmet food.

Many of the higher end camps have unbelievable chefs, not to mention quality fishing amenities, and overall service.

 If  you are looking for more of a drive too warm family resort atmosphere, that’s available also on many different fabulous lakes with great fishing opportunities.

 For the more adventurous, renting a houseboat can be a good way to go.

 The nice part about a houseboat trip is you have a mobile cabin with all the necessities of home directly around fantastic fishing.

Another popular option is a fly-in lodge. There are many resorts that offer fly in trips that allow you the ultimate seclusion often with the a private lake all to yourself.

 A lot of these fly-in lodges have both housekeeping and American plans to accommodate your variety of needs and budget.

A remote outpost camp is another fun way to go. Generally you’re dropped off via a float plane at a cabin on a wilderness lake of your choice with all your equipment and enough supplies food and gas to last for days.

For more information on the opportunities in Ontario Canada check out The Ontario Experience.

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