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Early Season Smallmouth in Sunset Country

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Al and Dan Lindner offer up a few tips for locating and targeting early season smallmouth bass in Ontario’s Sunset Country.

Early Season Smallmouth in Sunset Country

Some of the best early season smallmouth bass fishing can be found in Ontario’s Sunset Country. With thousands of lakes to choose from, there is abundance of trophy caliber smallmouth bass waters.

In order to catch these early season smallmouth bass you have to be able to locate them, and due to the size of some of these lakes it can be pretty overwhelming at first glance.

There is a lot of really good looking water that is empty.

In order to eliminate the empty water you will want to have an understanding of the seasonal movements of these smallmouth bass.

By understanding their seasonal movements in spring you can dissect a large lake in no time.

It starts with identifying the shallow water basins. Forget the deep and mid depth basins, the fish will not be there during the spring. These bass move shallow in search of food and spawning areas. 

Once you have the shallow basins located, begin fishing in the shallowest section and work your way out. You will want to cover ground quickly fan-casting at likely structural spots like boulder piles, sand flats, rocky points or weed beds.

Once you locate the schools of fish you can slow down a bit and really dial in your presentations.

Jerkbaits, ned rigs, and hair jigs are all great early season baits for smallmouth bass.

For more information on the fishing, hunting, and outdoor opportunities in Ontario’s Sunset Country visit https://visitsunsetcountry.com.

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