Lake Trout Baits

Lake Trout Baits

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When targeting lake trout on a Canadian adventure in Ontario’s Sunset Country; there’s a handful of lake trout baits that’ll do the trick. Jeff Simpson gives up a few of his favorites while targeting aggressive lakers.

Lake Trout Baits

Lake Trout are an aggressive, coldwater species that often lives in depths of sixty feet or more during the summer months. You can find these fish in many lakes across Ontario’s Sunset country on sunken humps, saddle systems and rocky reefs.

Because of their aggressive nature, they are a great species to target if you are looking for some hard-hitting and strong fighting fish.

When targeting them there are only a handful of lake trout baits you need to bring.

Our top baits include, Crippled Herring Spoons, Rapala Jigging Raps, bucktail jigs, blade baits, or a heavy jig with a soft plastic.

These baits also do a great job imitating ciscos; a common forage for lake trout.

The key to all these lake trout baits is that they are heavy.

Most of the time throughout the summer months you are going to want something that is 3/4 ounces or bigger. That way once you mark these fish you are able to get down to them quick and you are able to keep your bait infront of them.

If you are going to be fishing in a body of water with lake trout in it this summer, don’t forget to pack of couple of these baits for some hard-fighting action!

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