Lake Manitoba walleye

Ice Fishing for Lake Manitoba Walleye

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Manitoba’s third largest lake, Lake Manitoba, is beginning to become a popular destination for walleye anglers and for good reason.

Ice Fishing for Lake Manitoba Walleye

Lake Manitoba walleye should be on your bucket list for ice fishing destinations. This once overlooked lake has become a high-action walleye factory!

Anglers can expect to catch lots of good sized walleyes anywhere from fourteen to twenty five inches, with the possibly of a real giant as well.

These fish feed aggressively and will hit a variety of different spoons, rattlebaits, deadsticks and other walleye presentations.

One nice thing about Lake Manitoba, is the ease of access. Anglers have plenty of access point in the North and South basin of the lake.  You also don’t have to travel very far to reach prime fishing spots.

If you are a walleye angler in search of a high action bite, head on over to Lake Manitoba.

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