Manitoba: A Fishing Destination 


Videographer, photographer, YouTuber, and avid outdoorsman Jay Siemens breaks down the 6 different regions in Manitoba and highlights the unique angling opportunities between each region. 

Manitoba: A Fishing Destination 

The Central Region and Interlake Region

The central region in Manitoba is probably the most popular region. It includes the Red River and is home to some amazing walleye and catfish fishing. Another big benefit of the Central region is that you are close to Winnipeg and all the amenities that the city offers.  

The Red River near Selkirk, MB is the named the catfish captain of the world and for good reason. There are probably more big channel cats available in that area than anywhere else in the world. From Lockport, MB all the way up to Lake Winnipeg the Red is chock full of big cats. There are also opportunities for multispecies including walleyes, sturgeon, drum and more!

The Interlake Region is positioned between to amazing fisheries; Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg. Both are home to great populations of big walleyes. 

The Eastern Region 

The Eastern region is home to a lot of Canadian Shield lakes and has great opportunities for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and crappies. It’s a very diverse system surrounded by some incredibly beautiful country. 

Manitoba Regions

Northern Region

The northern region of Manitoba is the true north. It is home to some truly incredible fisheries like Clearwater lake, Reed lake, Athapapuskow Lake, just to name a few. This region is home to some monster fish and you have a legitimate shot at catching a +30” walleye, +40” lake trout and a +45” northern pike.

The nice thing about the Northern Region is that it is paved roads all the way to those locations and it’s not difficult to get too. It gives you a “fly in” style fishing adventure that is drive too.

Parkland Region 

The parkland region is unique, because it is home to some amazing still water trout fisheries. Anglers have opportunities to catch +20 inch rainbow trout, brown trout, splake, tiger trout, and brook trout.

These stocked fish grow big and can be caught a number of different ways including conventional tackle, fly fishing gear, as well as through the ice. 

Western Region

The western region is home to some amazing perch, pike, and walleye fisheries like Lake of the Prairies.  If you head down to the southern corner there are some unique opportunities for bluegills, smallmouth bass, and stocked trout. 

No matter what kind of fish you want to chase or how you want to travel, Manitoba has an adventure waiting for you!

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