Saskatchewan fishing

Saskatchewan Fishing: A Canadian Destination

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Saskatchewan fishing is a Canadian fishing experience that can be defined by huge lakes and trophy fish!

Saskatchewan Fishing: A Canadian Destination

Saskatchewan, Canada is home to 100,000 lakes and rivers and some of the best freshwater fishing in North America.

Lake Athabasca, Tazin, Tobin, Reindeer, Diefenbaker, Wollaston, Lac La Ronge and Lake of the Prairies are just a few of the more well-known monster producing fish factories. Hundreds of road-accessible and fly-in lodges usher you into a world of pristine wilderness, clear waters and gigantic, record-breaking fish. 

Big northern pike can be found throughout Saskatchewan, but up in the cool northern lakes, they can grow to monster sizes. Giant Northerns are one of the fiercest and most thrilling of all freshwater sportfish. With short summers in the north country, pike are generally caught in shallow throughout the season. 

Saskatchewan fishing northern pike

Lake Trout — the only trout species native to Saskatchewan — can be found in the cool, clear and deep lakes in the northern half of the province. Saskatchewan has boasted some huge catches.

The current provincial lake trout record is a 51-incher caught out Lake Athabasca in 1995. Every year, some real monster trout are caught on Reindeer, Athabasca, Tazin, Lac La Ronge, Scott, and Selwyn. 

Record-size walleye have been caught from many Saskatchewan lakes. However, walleye can be found in many lakes throughout the Provence. A few of the more famous Saskatchewan walleye lakes include Diefenbaker, Tobin, Last Mountain Lake, and Lake of the Prairies. The Saskatchewan fishing provincial record stands at 18-pound 5-ounce caught out of Tobin in 2005.

The Arctic grayling is an unbelievably beautiful fish found in the cold, clear lakes and fast-moving streams of northern Saskatchewan. It has a well-earned reputation as a spectacular fighter, known to leap clear out of the water when hooked. Small inline spinners and flies are the easiest way to catch grayling.

Though Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout and Tiger Trout are not native to Saskatchewan waters, they are plentiful. Saskatchewan has stocked hundreds of lake ponds, creeks and rivers with varied trout species. The current all tackle world record rainbow, caught by Sean Conrad, weighed 48 pounds and was caught out of Lake Diefenbaker. In 2018, a 32-pound record brown trout was caught, again, out of Lake Diefenbaker. 

Saskatchewan fishing rainbow trout

Saskatchewan waters are incredibly fertile and simply grow a lot of big fish. With so many lakes and rivers that host world-class fishing opportunities, combined with the wild, untouched wilderness, tranquil beauty, solitude and warm hospitality are guaranteed here.

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