Manitoba lake trout

Manitoba Lake Trout

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Manitoba lake trout grow huge and are abundant in a number of lakes in Manitoba’s Northern region.

Manitoba Lake Trout

Manitoba is home to some of the best drive-to lake trout lakes in Canada.  Clearwater lake, Lake Athapapuskow, the Cranberry Chain, and Wekusko Lake are just a few of the fantastic options available.

Pound for pound lake trout are arguably the hardest fighting fish under the ice. Known for their aggression and fighting ability lake trout are a favorite for a number of ice anglers.

When targeting Manitoba lake trout look for deepwater structure anywhere between forty and one-hundred feet of water. Rock piles, humps, saddle systems and main lake points connected to deep basins are all likely places for lake trout.

Longer, stout rods paired with twenty to thirty pound braided line are must.

A good reel with a smooth drag is also necessary because these fish can peel off line in a hurry.

Lake trout will bite a number of different baits and some of the best include tubes, jigs and plastics, heavy spoons, and the Rapala Jigging Rap in the colors white and chanteuse.

Manitoba lake trout

Manitoba is home to some of the biggest lake trout in the world and are easy to target during the winter months. If you haven’t planned a trip to Northern Manitoba you’ve got to get up there you won’t be disappointed!

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