North Dakota Fishing Destinations

Top North Dakota Fishing Destinations

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North Dakota native and avid angler Jason Mitchell of Jason Mitchell Outdoors highlights a few of the top North Dakota fishing destinations.

Top North Dakota Fishing Destinations

North Dakota is home to fantastic fishing destinations that don’t receive a lot of pressure. A lot of these fishery fly under the radar, but with the North Dakota’s fertile waters these lakes are able to produce lots of really big fish. Whether you lake to chase walleyes, smallmouth bass, musky, or jumbo perch North Dakota has a lake for you.

north Dakota fishing destinations

Lake Sakakawea

Stretching over 180 miles Lake Sakakawea is the third largest man-made reservoir in the Untied States. Lake Sakakawea is an incredible walleye fishery that produces both numbers and size.

Lake Sakakawea tends to cycle from high and low water levels which can effect the forage base. The lake is currently on the high end of the cycle and that means there is a lot of forage in the lake which is producing some of the biggest walleyes in the state.

Besides being a phenomenal walleye fishery, there is also great smallmouth bass fishing as well as opportunities for king salmon and big northern pike.

Lake Audubon

lake Audubon north Dakota fishing destinations

Lake Audubon is one of the best smallmouth bass and walleye fisheries in the state. Lake Audubon doesn’t have the drastic water level fluctuations like Lake Sakakawea, and as a result there are vast weed beds throughout much of the lake.

Another species available on Lake Audubon us musky. It is by far the best musky fishery in the state of North Dakota, with a lot of fish cracking the forty-inch mark.

There is plenty of places to explore and lots of great structure that hold fish like rock piles, weed beds, basins, and more.

Lake Oahe

lake oahe North Dakota fishing

The upper end of Lake Oahe is another one of the top North Dakota fishing destinations. Right now Lake Oahe is kicking out a lot of walleyes exceeding the twelve pound range. Along with the opportunity of big fish, there is plenty of eater-sized walleyes throughout the system.

It’s one of the best lakes in North Dakota to catch a lot of walleyes while also having the potential for big one.

Devils Lake

North Dakota fishing destinations

Covering more than 160,000 acres Devils Lake is probably North Dakota’s best multispecies fishing destinations.

Devils Lake originally gain popularity as a world class jumbo perch fishery, but anglers soon found out that the lake is full of walleyes, northern pike, and white bass. A unique thing about Devils Lake is that the lake rises every year. This creates new habitat and structure for the fish use and for anglers to explore.

If you are looking for a great fishing trip this summer you can’t go wrong choosing one of these top North Dakota fishing destinations!

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