Automatic Hook setting Devices

Automatic Hook Setting Devices for Trout

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Jarrid Houston explains the effectiveness of automatic hook setting devices for trout on Lake Superior and how they’ll help you ice more fish.

Automatic Hook Setting Devices for Trout

Over the past few years automatic hook setting devices have become very popular with ice fisherman, especially those who like to target trout, salmon, and whitefish.

These setlines work particular well for those species like trout and salmon, because they have a tendency to hit baits and then spit them back out. With automatic hook setting devices, as soon as the fish grabs the bait the device goes off and sets the hook.

Devices like the Jaw Jacker or Automatic Fisherman are two good options and you can use a number of different baits including minnows, spawn sacs, deadbait and even cut bait, although most anglers tend to have the best success with live minnows for the trout and salmon.

One big key for the success of these hook setting devices is the rod. You’ll want to use a moderate action rod that can handle to pressure these devices place on it.

automatic hook setting devices jaw jacker

You can use live minnows, spawn sacs, deadbait and even cut bait, but generally live minnows tend to work the best for the trout, salmon, and whitefish.

If you plan on using devices like this make sure to check your local regulations, because automatic hook setting devices are not legal everywhere.

Automatic hook setting devices have proved there worth in ice fishing world and can be incredible useful for species like trout and salmon.

One thing you should keep in mind is when targeting species like northern pike and walleye automatic hook setting devices tend to not work as well as a standard tip-up, because those fish species generally need a longer time to fully get ahold of the bait.

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