daytime burbot

Daytime Burbot

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Burbot (aka. Eelpout, Pout, Ling, Lawyer) are typically caught during the evening hours, but there is a certain time of year around mid March when there is a great daytime burbot bite.

Daytime Burbot

In recent years there has been a growing appreciation for burbot (aka. Eelpout, Ling, Lawyers). More ice anglers are finding interest in the hard fight and large sized fish.

Throughout the year a majority of burbot are caught after dark, but there is a special time around mid-March when anglers can get on an awesome daytime burbot bite.

During the spawning period burbot gather together in large groups on hard bottom drop-offs and flats in depths ranging from 15-30 feet depending on the lake. This is when anglers can expect to encounter burbot during the day and the best bite is often mid-day to mid-afternoon.

Good places to look are sharp breaks off of weed flats. The sharper the break the better. Often good walleye spots are also good burbot spots too.

daytime burbot daytime eelpout

Baits/ Lures

There are a bunch of good eelpout baits out on the market today and they two things they all have in common is that they’re heavy and they glow in the dark.

Some of the top options include Trout-N-Pout Spoons, VMC Hot Skirt Jigs, tube jigs, and rattlebaits like the Rapala Rippin Rap.

Even during the daytime burbot bite glow baits almost always outperform non-glow baits.

Another key to burbot fishing is scent. Scent can play a big factor when you’re out on the ice chasing eelpout and because of this we like to load up or baits with multiple minnows.

Some anglers will also add artificial scents to their baits to increase the odds.


Fishing at bottom or within a foot of the bottom will account for most of your burbot catches. Most anglers with pound the bottom three or four times and then raise their baits up about a foot.

Repeat this cadence until you mark a burbot. If you don’t mark one within five to fifteen minutes move.

Typically if you can find one burbot more will be close by during their spawning period.


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