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Ice Fishing for Trout on Foot Print Lake

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Manitoba is home to some unbelievable opportunities ice fishing for trout. One of those options is Foot Print Lake in Manitoba’s northern region.

Ice Fishing for Trout on Foot Print Lake

Foot Print Lake in Manitoba’s Northern region is home to some of the best trout fishing you can find! It is home to trophy caliber brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and tiger trout.

Targeting these fish can be pretty simple and exciting.

Setting up on shallow water bottom transitions in less than ten feet of water is a good area to start. Looks for these areas near points, weed beds, or other types of structures that will attract fish. 

Once you’ve located an area one unique option you have with trout is the ability to sight fish for them. Because stocked trout tend to cruise in shallow, clear water sight fishing is a great way to target them.

You can catch these trout on a number of different baits including small jigs, spoons, rattle baits, and salted minnows on set lines.

If you are interested in ice fishing for trout head on over to Manitoba’s northern region were you can find several lakes with trophy caliber browns, rainbows, brook, and tiger trout!

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