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Leech Lake Walleyes

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Leech Lake is known for it’s incredible fishing opportunities and is a must-visit destination for any anglers looking to get into some great walleye action!

Leech Lake Walleyes

Some of the best walleye fishing you can have during the spring or summer can be found on Leech Lake. As Minnesota’s third largest lake Leech is home to plenty of great fishing spots that hold large schools of walleyes.

As a general rule of thumb, when targeting walleyes on Leech you want to focus on three things: water temperature, wind, and bait.

These three factors will drive the walleyes into specific locations. Wind blown points or shorelines are great places to start when you first venture out onto Leech.

Some common tactics including pitching jigs and minnows, snapping Jigging Raps or casting hair jigs.

You can also catch fish pulling spinners or trolling crankbaits. During the mid-summer months slip bobbers paired with a leech or minnow are a great tactic as well. At the end of the day you can use a number of different tactics to put walleyes in the boat.

Although the walleye fishing is great, Leech also offers some great opportunities for muskies, northern pike, smallmouth bass, panfish, and more!

If your looking for a great multi-species fishing destination this summer head up north to Leech Lake!

For more information on resorts and other travel accommodations visit https://leechlake.org.

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