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What you NEED for a Shore Lunch Kit

by | Jun 8, 2022 | 0 comments

Mike Hehner shows you everything you need to have in your shore lunch kit to ensure you have a successful and tasty meal!

What you NEED for a Shore Lunch Kit

One of the rewards of fishing on a Canadian adventure is the shore lunch. Being able to enjoy freshly caught fish right along the bank is quite the experience and if you plan on doing a shore lunch by yourself here are some things you’ll want to pack.

The first couple things you’ll need to pack is a cutting board, filet knife, and a steel or knife sharpener.

You’ll want to pack your favorite fish batter as well as a few gallon zip lock bags to mix the fish and batter together in.

Paper plates and a large tin pan are handful things to pack, because you are able to place the fish on them once you are done cooking.

You also want to pack utensils like spoons, forks, and a spatula or tongs to handle the fish. You will need matches or a lighter for starting the fire.

For our lunches we like to add beans as a side so we will pack a small pan, along with a can or two of beans and a can opener.

You’ll want a large cast iron pan to cook the fish in as well as some peanut or vegetable oil. If you plan on making a lot of fish I’d recommend packing a glove/ hot pad for handling the cast iron skillet.

Everything I just mentioned is stored into a small crate/tote which keeps everything you need in one place and is easily transported.

Last, but not least is the fish itself. Freshly caught walleye, northern pike, crappies, or lake trout are all great options for a lunch along the shore!

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