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Top Walleye Baits for Ontario

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Avid angler Ty Sjodin gives his top walleye baits you should bring if you are planning a trip to Ontario, Canada.

Top Walleye Baits for Ontario

On most trips to Ontario I like to pack my entire tackle box with all my gear, but in certain situations you don’t always have that luxury. Some remote lodges or Fly-In trips limit the amount of gear you are able to bring. When that’s the case, here is a list of the top five baits you need to bring in order to have a successful adventure for Ontario walleyes.

The first and most versatile bait that you need to pack is the jig. A jig can be fished at any depth and can be paired with both live bait and plastics. The jig is probably the most versatile bait ever created and they are a must have for Canadian walleyes. You’ll want to pack a variety of sizes and colors.

The second bait is the hair jig. The nice thing about hair jigs is that you can fish them without live bait. They have a great action in the water and really imitate batfish well. Hair jigs are a must, especially in places were it’s hard to keep live bait.

Rapala Jigging Raps are the third bait on the list. There might not be a better reactionary bait out there for walleyes on deep structure. You can fish them relatively fast, and big walleyes love them.

The four bait on the list is crankbaits. You’ll want to pack a few different types of crankbaits, both shallow and deep diving. Crankbaits allow you to cover lots of water, either by trolling or casting. Walleyes love them, but they also work great for multi-species.

The final bait on the list is the bottom bouncer. You can pull crawler harnesses or shallow running crankbaits with them and they are a great way to cover water and kept your baits close to the bottom, but above the snags.

If you are planning a trip to Ontario these are the top walleye baits you’ll want to bring.

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