Manitoba Northern Pike

Manitoba Northern Pike Tip-Up Fishing

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Wanna catch a bunch of huge pike on ice? Fishin’ tip-ups WAYYY up northern in Manitoba is one of the best ways to get both numbers AND size. In this video, Bryan Bogdan shares his experience chasing Manitoba northern pike with tip-ups during late ice.

Manitoba Northern Pike Tip-Up Fishing

One of my favorite things to do is chase these big Manitoba northern pike with tip-ups. Especially during late ice when you have those nice sunny days, these big pike move up shallow and are searching for a meal.

When setting tip-ups for big northern pike the best place to set them is in shallow bays near feeder creeks.

These areas tend to hold a concentration of bigger pike, as they begin to move up shallower in search of food and in anticipation of the spawn. Look for green weeds as well, because this is going to hold baitfish and in return attract the predator pike.

We will set our baits just a few feet under the ice. Big dead baits are the go to choice over here in Manitoba for these bigger fish.

If you are looking for some late ice opportunities to chase monster pike, head up to northern Manitoba!

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