high speed jigging walleye

High Speed Jigging Walleye in Sunset Country

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Jeremy Smith and Ty Sjodin explain high speed jigging walleye tactics and share their two favorite baits for the job.

High Speed Jigging Walleye in Sunset Country

Throughout the summer and into fall walleyes can be found on deep reefs and rocky structures. Traditional tactics, like Lindy rigging are often not effective due to the rocky bottoms. In most situations, your most productive tactic is going to be high speed jigging.

High speed jigging walleyes is a great way to trigger fish into bite. By moving at a faster pace you create a reactionary strike from the fish. You will also get your bait in-front of more fish by covering ground.

We’re using two tools to catch these walleyes; a Jig paired with a Big Bite plastics and the Rapala Jigging Rap.

Choosing between the two is determined by how deep and what type of structure we are fishing. We’ll use the Jigging Rap for covering deeper water and the jig for shallower structure.

We like the Jigging Rap for the deeper structure, because you can fish it fast and it gets down to the bottom quickly. We prefer to use the jig and plastic in shallow water, because you can swim your jig above the rocks and can prevent a lot of snags that way.

Both the Jig and the Rapala Jigging Rap are must have baits if you are planning a trip up to Ontario’s Sunset Country.

For more information on the fishing, hunting, and outdoor opportunities in Ontario’s Sunset Country visit https://visitsunsetcountry.com.

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