multispecies in Manitoba

Multispecies in Manitoba Ice Fishing

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Wekusko Falls Lodge owner Bryan Bogdon talks about all the incredible drive to ice fishing opportunities for mulitspecies in Manitoba.

Multispecies in Manitoba Ice Fishing

If you’re looking for an ice fishing trip for multispecies in Manitoba, Northwest Manitoba is the place for you.

It is well know for its its multispecies opportunities.

It is the perfect location for anglers looking for easy to access, drive to locations with trophy caliber ice fishing. Due to the high quality management effort you can catch big burbot, lake trout, walleye and northern pike out of the same hole. 

Northwest Manitoba has about six months of solid ice. Along with the the popular gamefish, there are also opportunities to chase stream trout, ciscos, perch and whitefish. 

Very are truly very few places like Northwest Manitoba.

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