ice fishing Saskatchewan

Ice Fishing Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan, Canada is home to 100,00 lakes and rivers and offers some of the best fishing in the world. Many anglers know about its open water opportunities, however ice fishing Saskatchewan’s waters can produce some incredible bites.

Ice Fishing Saskatchewan

If you are looking for a remote fishing destination with untapped waters and monster fish of every species, ice fishing Saskatchewan is for you.

With monster lake trout, northern pike, walleye and more, Saskatchewan has it all.

Saskatchewan is home to one of the few places you have a legitimate shot at catching a walleye in the teens. In 2005 the Saskatchewan provincial record was broken at Tobin Lake with a walleye that weight 18 lbs 4oz.

Saskatchewan has plenty of drive to desnintations with trophy caliber fish like Tobin Lake, Last Mountain, and Diefenbaker. Many of these lakes have lodges and facilities that cater to ice fishermen.

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