Summer Fishing Lures, Line and Accessories

Summer Fishing Lures, Line and Accessories

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Summer Fishing Lures, Line and Accessories

If you’re looking to stock up on summer fishing lures, line and other accessories, we have a few recommendations for you:

Berkley Flicker Shad

We’re going to start out Berkley Flicker Shad. This is a three-pack and these are custom colors only available at Fleet Farm. They are great for a variety of species. You can cast them, troll them and they come in a number of different sizes.

Northland Butterfly Wing-Nut Blade

For summertime trolling walleye, the Northland Butterfly Wing-Nut Blade is an excellent option. It comes in a number of hook configurations, including the Super Death hook system. The nice thing about this is it has the spin, but you also get a little vibration in the blade to add a little extra action to your livebait. You can troll down to speeds of .25 mph which can be really key, especially on hot summer days.

Northland Puppet Minnow

As from Northland Tackle, a couple options in the Puppet Minnow line of baits. They have the regular Puppet Minnow and the new Rattlin’ Puppet Minnow. The difference as you can see is the Rattlin’ option doesn’t have a hook in the front and it obviously has a rattle on the top, as well as a slightly larger back hook. These can be vertically jigged and they can also be casted out and snap jigged back to the boat. Great for throwing around rocks for walleye.

Northland Jungle Jig

Switching gears to bass fishing, we’ll start with the Northland Jungle Jig. It’s a weedless flipping jig that has a little rattle, a nice big hook and a weed guard. You can fish it around cover and timber.

Terminator Bass Jigs

Two great options from Terminator are the Pro’s Jig and Football Jig. The Pro’s Jig is great for fishing around weeds and timber, as you can see by the pointier cone shaped head. They also have the flatter Football Jig which is great for slow-pulling over rocks.

Terminator Frogs

Terminator has some excellent frogs, including the Popping Frog and the Walking Frog. You can see immediately that the design and shapes of these baits are a little bit different. The Popping Frog is great for fishing open water, it spits water as you pull it with it’s cupped nose. The Walking Frog is great if you’re fishing around really thick weeds. Both baits have really good side-to-side action.

Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon

Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon is great for fishing a variety of baits, including most of the options listed above. You can also use it as leader line in the 8-10lb range, or upside to 12-17lb if you’re fishing heavier baits, especially around cover. What’s nice about this line is that it does have low-memory, so it’s not going to have twist like other fluorocarbons and it’s virtually invisible. It has the same density as water, so light passes through it quite easily.

Blackfish Shade Series

For the hot summer days, we’ve got the Blackfish Shade Series. They have different patterns and sizes available for both men and women. This is UPF 50. You can layer this up for the cool morning or cool evenings, and during the hot summer during the day, this will keep you protected from the sun and it’s very comfortable.

Sea Foam Bugs B Gone

It’s summertime, which is peak bug season, so we have a bottle of Sea Foam Bugs B Gone handy. It helps break down the organic material of the bugs from the surface that it’s on. So your boat, your vehicle, your windshield, vehicle grills, this is great. You spray it on there and it’s a multi-use cleaner. Absolutely necessary this time of year.

All these summer fishing lures and gear are available online at or at your local Fleet Farm store.

Wavy Label Sunglasses

One more product here from Wavy Label – this is a great eye glass. They have an excellent lifetime warranty. It has a wrap-around style and a couple different lens options with polarization for seeing into the water.

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