Walleye Trolling Tackle & Gear for Success

Walleye Trolling Tackle & Gear for Success

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Here’s some excellent walleye trolling tackle and gear that will help you catch more fish on the troll this season:

Bandit Generator

What’s unique about the Bandit Generator is you have a little slot at the top. It comes with glow sticks and a glow stick removal kit, so you can put a glow stick inside the bait to get an extra pop of color in low-light conditions.

Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk

Rapala is no stranger to trolling hard baits, and one of our favorite is the size 14 Down Deep Husky Jerk. I actually used this bait up in Canada last year with my cousin games. We were flat-line trolling this on braided line with a fluorocarbon leader. You can get depths of 25 feet, pushing 30 feet with this bait. We caught some nice walleye. They have a variety of different colors, both natural and bright.

Rapala Jointed Shad Rap

More trolling tackle for your arsenal, we have the Jointed Shad Rap from Rapala. What’s nice about this is if you’re trolling at slower speeds, you have the joint that will give the bait some extra action compared to a solid crankbait. Again, they have UV colors, natural colors, bright colors.

Salmo Floating Hornet

Another proven fish catcher is the Salmo Hornet. The lip-to-body design of the bait creates an excellent action in a small package. You can cast it or troll it, and they offer some really cool, unique colors that you can only find in Fleet Farm.

Northland Baitfish Spinner Rig

Next up for trolling tackle, we’re going to be talking about rigs and Northland Tackle has a whole bunch of different options. The Baitfish Spinner Rig has some really unique, fishy designs on the blades. They also have regular silver and bronze colors. You can get some rigs tied up with floating harnesses as well that are great for keeping your bait just a bit further off the bottom.

Daiwa Sealine Line Counter Reel

Fleet Farm has an incredible selection of rods and reels – we’re just going to go over a couple. For trolling, you want a line counter reel, and the Daiwa Sealine reel is a great choice. It has a line counter, a clicker and a quality drag for trolling baits and fighting fish.

Okuma Classic Pro Trolling Combo

There’s lots of combos offered at Fleet Farm, including the Okuma Classic Pro Trolling combo. The reel has a line counter and a clicker and the rod is balanced with the reel, specifically for trolling. It has a lot of action and a nice parabolic bend that you need for this application.

All the products above are available at fleetfarm.com or your local Fleet Farm store. Before we go, here’s a few more items you may want to check out:

Smooth Moves Air

The Smooth Moves seat suspension system is absolutely incredible for saving your back in waves, both big and small. The Smooth Moves Air system plugs into the 12v outlet in your boat and you can adjust the suspension with the push of a button.

BalZout Electronics Mounts

BalZout has a variety of different mounts. They are super strong and sturdy. We have a lot invested in our sonar and GPS units and you want to protect them, especially in big waves. You can secure them with BalZout mounts, and they’re also made with airplane grade aluminum. High quality stuff!

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