Summer Walleye Baits

Brian Brosdahl’s Mid-Summer Walleye Baits

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Looking for some walleye baits to use for catching walleyes right now? Brian Brosdahl, one of the top walleye guides on this planet, breaks down his walleye whacking arsenal for the mid-summer bite out on Leech Lake in northern Minnesota. He has a diverse group of presentations that he likes to employ depending on the conditions he’s fishing. Generally speaking, all of these baits should be applicable on most of the walleye waters across the Upper Midwest and into Canada.

Different Rigs

Brian suggests using a bottom bouncer this time of year. He recommends using a Whistler jinx with UV add a chunky for all our on the back or mineral. He also suggests using minnows, golden shiners, and Fathead, especially if you’re going in the weeds.

Bottom Bouncer

Brian explains that most people know what a bottom bouncer is. He recommends using a big wire bouncer to ones’ as it is the mainstay everywhere because you can go in any depth from ten to twenty thirty feet. He suggests using Northland spinners like a rainbow spinner, as well as a cool little spinner with a workbook. He also suggests bringing a bunch of different spinners and wrapping them on a noodle.

Rip and Shad

Brian suggests using a rip and shad. He explains that these things rattle and you just throw it out there and rip it and let it fall back. He says you can get double double rip it and that’s going to catch a lot of always but catch it bigger ones on that not so much the eaters.

Slip Bobber

One of Brian’s favorite ways to fish is using a slip bobber. He explains that he uses a light bite slip bobber with a little bullet sinker and good two and a half feet of line to an RZ jig. He suggests driving over the fish and dropping it on them and going past them a little bit so that the leech or mineral drop down right in front of the fish.

Measuring Depth

Brian suggests using your rod as a good tool to measure depths. He explains that if you’re not is at the bobber tip and your hook is at the bottom you’re at seven and a half feet. He suggests doubling that to get fifteen feet.

Puppet Minnow and Gigging Wraps

Brian suggests using a puppet minnow and gigging wraps. He explains that you can pitch that like a jig just get up on the rock pile. He suggests cutting the front hook off so that you don’t snag because that’s the first thing that goes under stuff and pinch it out and hop it just like a jig. He also suggests walking the dog and jigging it.

Aqua View

Brian suggests bringing an aqua view to see what’s down on the bottom. He explains that this one is weighted so he can go fast and the camera doesn’t shake. He suggests hooking this up cord or backwards if you want to watch your liner go along.


Brian Brosdahl has some great tips and tricks to help you catch walleyes all summer long. He suggests using a bottom bouncer, rip and shad, slip bobber, puppet minnow and gigging wraps, and an aqua view. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to have a successful summer of walleye fishing.


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