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Panfish Rods with Tony Roach

Tony Roach

Tony Roach

June 29, 2021

Panfish rods have really changed over the last decade. I can think back to the day when we used short ultra light noodle rods with no backbone. It is amazing to think about what products are out there today for precision panfishing and panfish rods.

You can find the right power and action for every species of panfish you are chasing. 

Today my favorite rod to use for panfish is the St. Croix Legend Elite panfish rod. What I love about the legend elite is the rod length, power, action, and how it handles and casts.

It is important that you know it is a light power and not an ultra light. 

You get some much sensitivity with the Legend Elite, but you also have enough backbone to get fish out of weeds and handle the occasional largemouth bass or pike you so often catch while targeting panfish. 

With the length and power of the rod you are also able to throw small panfish jigs and baits a long ways, which can be crucial in shallow water situations. 

Whether you like chasing big bluegills or crappies having the right backbone and action is a key element and if you couple that with again the best materials on earth, you’re gonna start putting more fish in the boat with St. Croix’s Legend Elite panfish rod.

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