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Vehicle Maintenance – Towing Vehicle

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Vehicle Maintenance – Towing Vehicle

Hauling boats and trailers can be hard on your vehicle, but today I am going to show you some vehicle maintenance tricks that help improve the performance of your vehicle that anyone can do.

Here is a list of the things you will need.

To start you will want to add a can and a half of Sea foam to a low tank of fuel, usually less than five gallons.

From there you are going to add the remaining half a can of Sea foam to the crankcase. This is the spot where heavy oil diposits will build up. The Sea foam helps break those deposits down and clean it out.

Once that is done it is time for the Sea foam spray. You will want to locate the throttle body and remove the air intake boot. Then place the hook guide and cleaning tube about a quarter inch past the throttle plate. Then you’ll want to reset the boot over the throttle body.

Make sure not to apply any Sea foam spray anywhere upstream of the throttle body.

Also this process is only for gasoline engines.

Once you have the Sea Foam spray into position have your buddy turn the vehicle on and run the vehicle about a thousand rpms over idle. Once it is running you are good to go and add the entire can of Sea Foam spray through the intake.

Let this set for about ten minutes. In the meantime reinstall the air intake boot.

 Once it has sat for 10 -15 minutes go ahead and drive the vehicle around for ten minutes. This will move the Sea Foam throughout the vehicles engine.

 Now you’ve got Seafoam spray working to clean and lubricate the top end of the engine. You have also got Seafoam in the crankcase working to re-liquefy any of those heavier oil deposits. You also have Seafoam in the fuel that’s working to clean, lubricate, and protect the entire fuel system.

This vehicle maintenance is something that’s super easy to do and you’ll notice the difference.

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