sea foam in a chainsaw

Sea Foam Motor Treatment in a Chainsaw

by | Mar 17, 2022 | 0 comments

Brian Miller offers up a few tips on how to use Sea Foam in a Chainsaw to help improve the life and performance of the machine.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment in a Chainsaw

Whether you use out to cut fire wood, or clear a trail through to woods to a remote lake for ice fishing, or you are simple using it to remove a few dead trees; chainsaws are often used infrequent and sit for months on end. Becauase of this it is incredible important to perform maintenance on them to ensure they continue to run well.

One thing you can do to help keep your chainsaws running is to add some Sea Foam in the fuel tank to help stabilize the gas.

That way if your chainsaw does sit for awhile you won’t have to worry about the gas going bad.

If you do have a saw that starts hard or is running hard, I recommend adding about four to six ounces of Sea Foam into a low tank of gas. Run it for about a five minutes and then let it sit overnight. This will give it time to clean the fuel passage ways. After it has sat for a day, add a fresh tank of gas.

This process will help improve the performance of your chainsaw.

Sea Foam is perfect for cleaning about protecting the engine of your machine. It is made from a gentle petroleum cleaning and lubrications oils so there is no need to be bashful when adding it.

By adding Sea Foam to your chainsaw it will help clean the fuel passage ways, protect from corrosion, stabilize the fuel and lubricate the upper cylinders. This same process will also apply to just about every two-stroke small engine.

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