prelaunch check list

Prelaunch Check List

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Jeremy Smith runs through his prelaunch check list which you should use to ensure you’ll have everything you need before putting your boat into the into the water!

Prelaunch Check List

Everytime before you head out onto the water you’ll want to get into the habit of running through a prelaunch check list. By going though a list it will ensure that you’ll have everything you need.

Always start by checking on your life jackets and throwable. You always want to make sure you have enough for everyone in the boat. This is essential no matter where you are fishing.

Next, move to the back of the boat and remove both back straps, the transom saver, and make sure the plug is in.

While making your way around the boat you will want check for any weeds or any aquatic invasive species that may be attached to your boat or trailer.

After this is complete, hop into the boat and check the fuel and battery power and make sure you have enough for this boat outing. You should also load all personal effects into the boat from the vehicle like rods, food, drinks etc.

Once you’ve done this you should be ready to drop your boat into the water.

One system I would highly recommend is the Boat2Trailer system. It makes unloading and loading your boat a breeze.

Hopefully this checklist helps you when launching your boat for a day on the water!

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