pulling spinners for walleyes

Pulling Spinners for Walleyes


Brad Hawthorne talks though the in’s and outs of pulling spinners for walleyes through the summer months.

Pulling Spinners for Walleyes

Spinners are a great presentation that every walleye angler should have when they head out onto the water. They produce exceptionally well during bug hatches and other times of the year when there is a lot of bait/food in the water.

They allow you to cover ground and fish fast and spinners do a great job of imitating bugs, baitfish, and other food sources walleyes key in on throughout the year.

Pulling Spinners for Walleyes Through Weeds

Spinners are a great presentation when targeting weed walleyes.

Look for weeds that grow from twenty to eight feet of water and have a 4 to 8 foot gap between the top of the weeds and the surface of the water. Those are the type of weed beds that are going to hold numbers of walleyes.

Use a small bullet sinker and slow troll your spinner along the top or along the edge of the weeds.

When fishing over weeds I prefer to use natural colors like cooper, silver, and gold.

Pulling Spinners with Bottom Bouncers

pulling spinners for walleyes

Anytime I’m fishing over rock or snaggy areas I’m utilizing bottom bouncers. These will help keep your spinner from becoming snagged. I like to use 1 ounce for every ten feet of water.

As an example if I’m fishing in twenty feet of water, I’ll use a two-ounce bottom bouncer. If I’m fishing in thirty feet of water I’ll use a three-ounce bottom bouncer.

Spinners are a must-have presentation for walleyes and are something you want to have ready to go throughout the summer months.

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