Stop Losing Jigging Raps (Quick Fix)

Stop Losing Jigging Raps In Snaggy Areas


When the fish are biting Jigging Raps, it can be tough to put them down — even when you’re loosing them left-and-right in snaggy areas. Unless you have some DEEP pockets, it can pays to make this quick modification to your lure to avoid losing them. Thanks to Brad Hawthorne for saving us a few bucks!

Stop Losing Jigging Raps In Snaggy Areas

Rapala Jigging Raps are a dynamite bait for walleyes all throughout the year. They are just as effective in open water as they are through the ice. To effectively fish them you want to snap jig the Jigging Rap off the ground.

Depending on the type of structure you are fishing snags can pose a big problem. Rocks, gravel, and wood are often difficult to fish jigging raps through without hanging up.

One simply thing you can do to help make your Jigging Rap more snag resistant is to remove the front hook. By doing this you’ll be able to work the bait through rocks and gravel easier.

This simple trick will save you money and allow you to fish your Jigging Rap through snaggy areas.

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