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Best Live Bait Delivery Systems

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Joel Nelson shows off the best live bait delivery systems for walleyes, and explains when and where you should utilize each one.

Best Live Bait Delivery Systems

When it comes to the best live bait presentations and delivery systems for walleyes, there are a couple of different options you’ll want to use depending on the conditions you face out on the water and the type of structure you are fishing.

One of the most popular ways to fish live bait is by utilizing a bottom bouncer and a spinner.

Bottom bouncers really shine when you are fishing over rocky areas that have a lot of snags. They allow you to fish over these areas without getting hung up as much as you would with a regular bell or egg sinker.

Pulling spinners also allows you to cover lots of water. This is particularly effective when the walleyes are scattered over a large area. Erie blades, Northland Butterfly blades, and Wingnut blades are all good spinner options.

Another great live bait delivery system is the Lindy Rig. Rigging is a great option when walleyes are moderately spread out on a piece of structure.

Lindy rigging is one of the most common ways to present live bait.

Minnows, leeches, and nighcrawlers can all be pulled on a rig. Rigging allows you to fish at a moderate pace, but still fast enough to get your bait in-front of a number of walleyes.

One of the best live bait delivery systems for when fish stacked on a piece of structure is the slip bobber. Slip bobbers shine when you have numbers of fish schooled up at a certain depth range. They are also a great option when fish are lethargic and the bite is kind of slow.

Slip bobbers allow you to really slow down your presentation.  They also tend to be the best live bait presentation in high sun, low wind conditions.

No matter what conditions you face, they is a type of live bait delivery system that will allow you to catch walleyes all summer long.

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