How to Hook Plastics

How to HOOK Plastics

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Pre-rigged jigs are extremely popular, but many hardcore anglers still prefer buying their jigs and plastics separately, allowing for color and profile versatility. The first step to having success with these baits is hooking them up properly. Joel Nelson demonstrates how to hook plastics in this video.

You know plastics with jigs dynamite combination. Most anglers are going to fish jigs and plastics if you’re gonna do any kind of multi species angling.

Whether it is crappies, or whether it is walleyes jigs and plastics is a killer bait and one thing you have to learn is how to rig them. 

 Here I’ve got some crappie plastics which are really common bait. Pre rigs are starting to dominate the market that’s a good thing.  People can just grab those and go, but what if you want to buy some bulk plastics and you want to rig it up yourself.

Im gonna show you how to hook plastics on just the simplest of all plastics, a curly-tailed grub.

It’s somewhat of a lost art. but it’s actually pretty simple if you want to make sure that this thing’s rigged properly.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the curly tail is down. If you rig it with the hook and the curly tail both up at the same time, it increases the chance that that tail is going to come up and get hooked and kill the action.

Then you need to look along the top rib of the bait and almost all plastics are gonna have a really pronounced connection point.

Its going to be a line or a rib you’re gonna end up seeing exactly where that hook and hook shank needs to line up.

Line up the hook with the rib and make sure you hit it in the center of the plastic as push your way through. Make sure you come out right where that rib is and make sure you push it down the length of the shank seat it up towards the top of the jig. 

Give it a little pull and make sure it sits very naturally on that jig shank. Now you have a perfectly rigged jig and curly tail grub ready to go out and do you some damage out on the lake.


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