Late Summer Fishing Products for Multi-Species Fishing

Late Summer Fishing Products for Multi-Species Fishing


Late Summer Fishing Products for Multi-Species Fishing

On the topic of hook, line and sinker, here’s a few great late summer fishing products that will help you put a few more fish in the boat:

Northland Slick Stick Bottom Bouncer

We love the Northland Slick Stick for a number of reason. It’s snag-free design keeps your bait near the bottom without getting caught up and it’s quick change system makes it easy to adjust weights on the run.

Northland Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer

A slightly different configuration is the Rock-Runner series. They have a traditional bottom bouncer style and a slip-style bottom bouncer setup, both have a time and place for trolling up walleyes.

Northland Spinner Blades

Northland has an excellent variety of spinner rigging blades. The Baitfish-Image series are holographic and have a truly unique appearance. They also make Butterfly Blades which are polycarbonate and spin at incredibly low speeds. What’s nice about all these options is you can mix-and-match them and play around to find what’s going to work best on any particular day.

VMC Terminal Tackle

If you’re looking for high-end, reasonably priced terminal tackle, take a look at what VMC has to offer. Whether you’re looking for Split Rings, Rolling Swivels, Duolock Snap, or Duolock Snap Swivels, they’ve got you covered with reliable options in various sizes.

VMC Tokyo Rig

The VMC Toyko Rig has really blown up in the bass fishing world, but it’s a truly versatile offering that works in many different situations for many different species of fish from bass, walleye and panfish in weeds, rocks or sand, deep, shallow or in-between. Simply add a weight and your desired soft plastic or livebait and you’re ready to go.

VMC Spinshot Hook

If you enjoy dropshot fishing, the VMC Spinshot Hook is a great option. It originally started out as a bass rig, but if you have a lighter #4 hook, you can use livebait on it for bluegills and crappies, too. One of the biggest problems with dropshot fishing is the line twist and this eliminates most of that.

Plano Edge Boxes

For tackle storage solutions, check out the Plano Edge boxes. They are water tight sealed and come in a variety of configurations, whether it’s a crankbait box, jig box, spinnerbait box, or just your standard tackle storage box.

Compass 360 Waders

If you need a new pair of waders, take a look at the Compass 360 Waders. They are waterproof and have a nice tread on the bottom, perfect for wading in rivers and streams. This is also a great option if you hunt in the fall.

13 Fishing Ambition Spinning Combo

Fleet Farm has a wide variety of rod/reel combinations and a great choice is the 13 Fishing Ambition spinning combo. The ultra-light model will work great for panfish and trout fishing. If you’re a beginning angler, this is a great combination to start off with.

All these late summer fishing products are available online at or at your local Fleet Farm store.

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