Spring Walleye Gear: Cool Products

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Spring Walleye Gear: Cool Products

Spring walleyes are a favorite to chase for many anglers. The fish as big as they’ll be all year and the bite is often action packed. The following is some must have spring walleye gear that’ll help you catch more walleyes this year.

Northland Tackle MVP Jig

Northland Tackle MVP Jig Spring Walleye Gear

The Northland Fishing Tackle Elite Series MVP Jig lives up to its name and represents one of the most well-rounded walleye and multi-species jigheads on the market. Available in four sizes (1/8 oz: 1/0 Hook, 1/4 oz: 2/0 Hook, 3/8 oz: 3/0 Hook, 1/2 oz: 4/0 Hook) the MVP Jig features a realistic “Bro-Bug” head with molded gills, a fish-like mouth, and “3D eyes that creates a lifelike appearance that triggers bites even in tough fishing conditions. Outfitted with a Gamakatsu Big River hook and a barbwire keeper to lock plastics in place, the Northland Fishing Tackle Elite Series MVP Jig is the home-run-hitting all-star jighead that serious anglers demand!

Northland Fishing Tackle Fireball Jig 

spring walleye gear fireball jig

The Northland Fishing Tackle Fire-Ball Jig is proven deadly on walleyes, saugers, perch, and more! Available in a variety of sizes and colors the Fireball jig is ideal for vertical jigging with a minnow, leech, or half a nightcrawler. Anglers can also attach a Sting’r hook to the trailer-hitch eyelet at the base of the jig to nip those short strikers who won’t fully commit to the bait. A staple for walleye anglers for decades, the Northland Fishing Tackle Fire-Ball Jig isn’t going anywhere and deserves a home in every angler’s tackle box.

VMC Moon Tail Jig

VMC Moontail Jig

The VMC Moon Tail Jig is packed with features that make it stand out as a premier bucktail jig. Its oversized flat aspirin-style head features an oversized realistic 3D eye and has an enhanced darting and rolling motion when snap-jigged. Ultra-thin bucktail fibers maintain the shape of the jig and create a lifelike action even with the slightest amount of motion. Available in a variety of sizes and colors the VMC Moon Tail jig is arguably the best walleye hair jig on the market and needed to be on our list of must-have spring walleye gear .

Big Bite Baits Slim Minnow

Bit Bite Baits Slim Minnow

Made for any species of fish, but ideal for casting or snap jigging with forward-facing sonar, the all-new Big Bite Baits Scentsation Slim Minnow is packed with Big Bite’s new scented formula for added attraction. With a slim body design and flat sides that give the Slim Minnow a fast, darting action that walleyes can’t resist.  The Big Bite Baits Scentsation Slim Minnow has the subtle action and supercharged scent profile to fool even the wariest of predators.

Sea Foam Marine Pro

spring walleye gear

Sea Foam Marine Pro is a crucial piece of spring walleye gear to ensure your boat motor is running at peak performance. Add Sea Foam Marine to fuel to clean injectors, carburetor jets, and prevent corrosion. It also stabilizing fuel for up to two years. It’s safe and easy to use and a must for those anglers looking to have to boat engine running at it’s best.

Clam Fortis TD Net

Clam Fortis TD nets are designed specifically for all types of open water anglers. These nets combine all of the quality components that make a great landing net— easy-extend pole, military-grade aluminum, and are lightweight. The Fortis TD nets incredible tough and durable and perfect for big spring walleyes!

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