Kayak Fishing for Walleyes in Minnesota

Kayak Fishing for Walleyes in Minnesota

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AnglingBuzz TV host Troy Lindner goes kayak fishing for walleyes with swimbaits on Milles Lacs Lake!

Kayak Fishing for Walleyes in Minnesota

Swimbaits can be very effective from all season long for big walleyes. They are versatile baits that can be fished quickly or slow depending on the mood of the fish, but all-in-all, it’s an easy presentation to wield and it’s proven fish catcher. Make sure you adjust the weight of you jig head based on the depth you’re fishing and the speed of your retrieve. Once you get things dialed in, you can cast and wind all day and fill the boat (I mean kayak!) with hungry walleyes.

Even on large bodies of water like Mille Lacs Lake, a reliable kayak is a great vessel for targeting and catching lots of different fish. Kayaks are most commonly used by bass anglers, but they are a viable option for walleyes, muskies and panfish, and we’ve even seen saltwater anglers use them to catch sharks!

And of course, the video above proves that kayak fishing for walleyes is definitely a thing!

Before heading out on the water to lay the smackdown on some Mille Lacs Lake walleyes, Troy does a quick walkthrough of the Old Town Topwater PDL 120, the newest member of the best-selling Topwater series, which offers big fishing performance in a hands-free, easy to maneuver 12’ size. Equipped with the industry’s-best PDL™ drive (backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty), the Topwater 120 PDL leaves your hands free to focus on fighting the fish. Thanks to the ultra stable DoubleU™ hull with 500 lbs capacity, thoughtful on-board tackle and rod storage, and a universal transducer mount, the Topwater 120 PDL is the best in its class, delivering the easiest and most fishable 12’ kayak on the market.

Watch the video above to see Troy crush some central Minnesota gravel lizards, and (spoiler alert) he even encounters a massive Mille Lacs Lake muskellunge, as it followed one of his walleyes back to the side of the kayak.

Side note: this video was shot back in the spring of 2020, but we thought you’d still be interested in watching as Troy lays the smackdown on some post-spawn walleyes. Turns out kayaks aren’t just for small ponds, they’ve got some big fish, big water appeal as well!

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