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Leadcore Trolling Equipment for Summer Walleyes

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Jason Mitchell details basic leadcore trolling tactics that present small crankbaits at precise depth levels, cover water and trigger walleye strikes.

Leadcore Trolling Equipment for Summer Walleyes

Using the right rod lengths and actions, reels and lures, in combination with the correct lengths of weighted line, ensures trolling success.

If you find fish scattered across a deep water anywhere from fifteen to fifty feet of water, leadcore trolling is often the best way to target those fish and cover ground.

It is also a method that will work throughout the season. Spring into summer and into late fall depending on the body of water.

Another benefit to leadcore is that you can put really small baits down into that deeper water. You are able to run smaller sized baits that may only dive a few feet in really deep water.

When rigging a leadcore trolling rod I would recommend a larger sized line counter trolling reel. By using the larger sized trolling reel with a line counter you are able to fit a full spool of leadcore on your reel, and you are also able to know exactly how much line you have out.

This will help you dial in what depths your baits are running at.

When it comes to choosing a leadcore rod, there are many rods designed to handle the weight of lead core. You need a rod that’s stiff enough to handle the weight, but still has enough give to keep the fish pinned.

Once you fine tune your system, trolling leadcore can be a dynamite way to catch lots of walleyes scattered across deepwater structure.

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