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Cool Products: Soft Plastics Today

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Cool Products: Soft Plastics Today

Soft plastics can be used in a bunch of different presentations from small panfish plastics, up to big foot long rubber baits designed for muskies.

Northland Eye-Candy Series


The Northland Eye-Candy series of plastics features five unique body styles designed specifically for walleyes. All of Eye-Candy Series is created with Northland’s Super TPE formula that is buoyant and super flexible resulting in a super lifelike action fish can’t resist it. It’s available in a number of great fish-catching colors and be used on jigs, spinners, drop-shots, and more!

VMC Tokyo Rig XLS


The new VMC Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Wide Gap XLS gives anglers versatility and strength to battle big bass out of heavy cover. The extra-long 5″ stainless steel dropper arm elevates your favorite softbaits even further off the bottom putting them right in the strike zone. Available in 2/0, 3/0, or 4/0 sizes the VMC Tokyo Rig XLS can be fished with a variety of different soft plastics for bass and is the perfect tool for targeting big bass in heavy cover.

Blackfish Cast Fishing Short


Designed by anglers, for anglers, the Blackfish Cast Fishing Short is DWR coated so water beads off of them, lightweight and comfortable. With a durable 4-way stretch fabric construction, anglers will have maximum range of motion for a full day of fishing and have a reliable moisture-wicking material to keep them cool and dry. With roomy storage pockets to keep gear and other items within reach, the Blackfish Cast Fishing Short is the ultimate pair of shorts for the anglers! These shorts are available in multiple sizes and three different color options.

Boat2Trailer: Sport Model Long Handle 


Make loading and unloading your bait a breeze with the Boat2Trailer sport model. The Sport Model is for all fiberglass boats and a large percentage of aluminum compatible boats. It has been engineered to fit snug around the eye of the boat and automatically resets after loading and unloading.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment


Sea Foam motor treatment cleans fuel injector, intake valve and carburetor passageways. It also lubricates upper cylinders. Stabilizes gas & diesel fuels up to 2 years. Sea Foam motor treatment is designed to help improve the performance of your engine.

St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rods 7’1″ / Medium / Moderate-Fast


The St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Rod in a 7’1″, medium power, moderate-fast action was designed for jigging raps. It has the perfect power, sensitivity, and action for snap jigging and rip jigging. The St. Croix Legend tournament series comes in a variety of different sizes and actions for specific presentations.

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