Summer Smallmouth Bass Gear

Cool Products: Summer Smallmouth Bass Gear

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Cool Products: Summer Smallmouth Bass Gear

Right now is the peak time to target summertime smallmouth bass. They can be found on predictable locations and are often eager to strike. Troy Lindner shows off his list of some must have summer smallmouth bass gear.

Big Bite Baits Scentsation Quarantine Craw 425

summer smallmouth bass gear

The Big Bite Baits Scentsation Quarantine Craw is a hybrid bait between a crawfish and stick bait. Whether fished as a finesse bait on a jighead or as a finesse jig trailer or as a compact power fishing option, the Quarantine Craw’s claws and whiskers kick and swim with the smallest twitches of the rod. This versatile bait is available in all the classic fish-catching colors and comes in packs of nine. At 4 1/4-inches long the Quarantine Craw is a great option for finesse rigging or as a trailer for a swim jig or bladed jig.

Nedster Jig by Northland Fishing Tackle

smallmouth bass summer gear

The ned rig has proven itself as a staple for many bass anglers all across the country. Having a strong dependable jig is important part of this presentation and the Nedster by Northland fishing tackle is outfitted with a premium 1/0 Gamakatsu round bend hook that gives anglers the confidence needed to have hook setting power. Available in four weight sizes (1/8-ounce, 3/16-ounce, 1/4-ounce, 5/16-ounce) and four different color options. The Nedster needed to be on our list of summer smallmouth bass gear.

Rapala OG Tiny 4

summer Smallmouth bass gear

The Rapala OG Tiny 4 is the perfect bite sized snack for smallmouth bass. At 2 1/2-inches long this bait dives to a depth of four feet. The Rapala OG Tiny 4 is a balsa-wood, flat-sided crankbait that creates a moderate, side-to-side wobble when retrieved. Paired with VMC Black Nickel 1x Strong Hybrid Treble hooks this bait is perfect for shallow water bass fishing. Available in fifteen different color options its wobble is irresistible to hungry smallmouth bass and it needed to be on our list of must have summertime smallmouth bass gear.

Wavy Label The Papi Sunglasses

Wavy Label The Papi Sunglasses

The Wavy Label Papi sunglasses are built on a stylish, modern frame that is both excellent for fishing and everyday wear. These polarized sun glasses feature a rubber nose pads and temple guards that stays snug to your head without creating pinch points or discomfort. Available in both high quality glass and polycarbonate lens options. The Wavy Label Papi sunglasses are a great option for all outdoors enthusiast.

Blackfish CoolCharge Angler UPF Hoodie

summer smallmouth bass gear

The Blackfish CoolCharge Angler UPF Hoodie gives anglers the best on-the-water sun protection for long days when the sun and bite heat up. Angler UPF Hoodie provides maximum cooling effect and sun protection and comes with a UPF 30+ rating. Available in sizes from small to 3X-Large the angler hoodie is a cool and comfortable option to help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

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