Musky Fishing Gear for Summertime Success

Musky Fishing Gear for Summertime Success


Today we’re talking about muskies, so I’m going to go through some musky fishing gear that will help you put a few more fishing in the boat this season:

Northland Reed-Runner & Bird-Shot Blades

First up from Northland Tackle, we have the Reed-Runner Spinnerbait. These are good for fishing around timber and thick weeds. You can cover a lot of water with them, while avoiding getting hung up in cover. Northland also has the Bird-Shot Bucktail. which is a great in-line option.

Buchertail 700

Next up, we have the tinsel Buchertail 700. It has a tinsel skirt which gives off a lot of flash and a small fluted Indiana blade for a different vibration the muskies can’t resist. It’s a nice compact design that catches fish.

Musky Mayhem Bucktails

Upsizing a bit on the blades, we have the Double Showgirl. It has #7 blades and 7/0 treble hook. The walleye color is one of favorites. Musky Mayhem also has a single bladed option, the Single Girl, with a little less vibration. What’s great about the single blade is it’s great for covering water because you can work it really, really fast with less fatigue.

Musky Innovations Shallow Invader

The Shallow Invader has a lot of wide side-to-side action. It’s kind of a hybrid-style bait with a soft plastic tail in the back and a crankbait lip up front. It’s great for fishing around rock, shallow weeds, and it’s even a good option for trolling, as well.

Suick Thriller

Last but not least, we have the tried-and-true Suick. It’s a dive-and-rise bait. Last season I was up on Lac Seul with Jeremy Smith and while he was throwing a ton of different baits, it was the Suick that finally got the fish to bite. You can manipulate the blade to get a little different action on the bait.

Off Shore SST Pro Mag Planer Board

For trolling, planer boards are obviously par for the course for walleye fishing, but if you’re pulling big baits for muskies, Off Shore Tackle has the SST Pro Mag. This is designed and weighted for heavy line and big baits. If you’re trolling, which can be a key tactic on large bodies of water, this is something you’ll definitely want to have.

Sufix Performance Braid

You want some heavier, stout line for musky fishing. 80lb Sufix Performance Braid is a great option. This is a nice value braid that isn’t too expensive and it can last you a couple seasons. It’s a really good option for your musky fishing gear.

Daiwa Lexa Reels

We have two reel options, both from Daiwa. The Lexa-HD 400 has a nice power handle for winching in the fish when you get a bite. It gives you a lot of leverage. It has a lot of capacity on the spool, as well. It has 25lb max drag and a 7.1 gear ratio. If you’re throwing smaller baits, the Lexa-WN 300 is an excellent option. It has a nice line capacity, really good drag, a 7.1 gear ratio and a nice single handle to be able to winch in the big fish.

St. Croix Mojo Musky Rod

St. Croix has a great budget rods available with the Mojo Musky series. This one here is an 8’6″ heavy-power fast-action rod, which is really stout and a great option for big baits. It has a nice long handle which gives you some extra leverage when you set the hook and fight a really big fish. They have models that range from 7 foot to 9 foot with a lot of different powers and actions.

Blackfish Zenith Softshell

The Blackfish Zenith Softshell is great from spring all the way to fall. It’s windproof and water resistant. It has waterproof zippers and a very comfortable fleece interior. This is a great garment for those cold mornings and evenings out in the boat.

You can find all of this musky fishing gear at your local Fleet Farm store or at

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