Spring Panfish Gear: Cool Products

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Spring Panfish Gear: Cool Products

The spring panfish bite is in full swing in the midwest and now is the perfect time to add some spring panfish gear to your panfish arsenal.

Bubba Fillet Knife 6″ Ultra Flex

Bubba Ultra Flex 6 Inch

Perfect for bluegills, crappies, and perch the 6-inch Bubba Ultra Flex fillet knife comes loaded with extreme flexibility and a ridiculously thin blade. Whether you’re cutting for detail or bone removal, the 6-inch Bubba Ultra Flex is the perfect knife for the job. This knife features a 6-inch blade paired with a 5-inch non-slip grip handle making it the ultimate panfish fillet knife.

6″ Blade, 5″ Handle (11″ Overall Length)

•Full-Tang Construction

•High Carbon Stainless Steel

•Ultra-Thin Blade

•Extreme Flexibility

•Titanium-Nitride Coating

•Safety Guards

•Trigger Grip

•Non-Slip Grip

•Lanyard Hole

Big Bite Baits Lindner Panfish Special

Lindner Panfish Special

Designed by longtime fishing industry innovator Al Lindner and the legendary Angling Edge Team, the new Big Bite Baits Lindner Panfish Special is locked and loaded for battle with slab crappies, bull bluegills, jumbo perch and more. This panfish jig features a solid soft plastic body with a feathered tail that ebbs and flows with the slightest rod twitches. Outfitted with a #2 hook and dressed in the best crappie and panfish colors hand-selected by Al Lindner and the Angling Edge crew, the new Big Bite Baits Lindner Panfish Special deserves a home in any angler’s tacklebox.

Sufix NanoBraid 

sufix nano braid

Sufix NanoBraid is built with a wide-angle braiding technology that creates higher tension in the braiding process, resulting in a tighter weave and super strong, silky smooth line. Available in 150 yard spools in pound test from 4-lb up to 12-lb, Sufix Nanobraid is the perfect line for panfish and trout.

Northland Fishing Tackle Rigged Gum-Ball Jig

Spring Panfish gear

New for 2023, Northland Fishing Tackle’s Rigged Gum-Ball jigs are ready to tie on and catch big crappies, bluegills, and perch. The Rigged Gum-Ball Jig Minnow comes with two rigged jigs and two replacement tails. Available in three sizes (1/16-ounce, 1/8-ounce, 1/4-ounce) and a multiple great fish catching colors; the Rigged Gum-Ball Jig Minnow in a 1/16-ounce is a must have for those serious panfish anglers looking to improve their spring panfish gear selection.

Blackfish Torrent Rain Jacket and Bibs

Blackfish Torrent Rain Suit

Designed for anglers who know you can’t choose the weather, the Blackfish Torrent Rain Jacket and Bib will keep you dry and comfortable all day, no matter the conditions you face. This breathable, waterproof jacket and bibs comes equipped with EquiDry technology designed to keep water out, yet enables body heat and vapors to escape. With a waterproof, breathable, durable, and abrasion-resistant material, the Blackfish Torrent Rain jacket and bib is for anglers who know that the best bites often come when mother nature takes a turn for the worst!

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