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Devils Lake: 7-14-2023

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North Dakota guide Johnnie Candle gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Devils Lake on July 14th, 2023.

Devils Lake: 7-14-2023

The fishing is awesome right now on Devils Lake. Everything is biting and fish can be found in their traditional summer spots.

The walleye fishing is as good as it gets. You can catch them any way you want right now. Anglers can expect limits of walleyes with some bigger fish mixed in.

Slip bobbers with leeches on isolated humps and reefs has been producing a ton of fish. Look for those reefs that top out around ten feet of water. On windy or overcast days the walleyes will be on top of the reefs. During calm or sunny days focus on the edges of the structure.

devils lake

Bottom bouncers and spinners are also producing numbers of walleyes.

Pull spinners along weed edges in twelve to eighteen feet of water and along the old Devils Lake shoreline in twenty to twenty-four feet of water.

Hammered gold, hammer sliver, or UV white have been the best colors for blades.

Crankbaits are also working in those same areas and depths. White, chrome blue, and perch has been the best colors for crankbaits.

Good luck to all the anglers fishing on Devils or in North Dakota this week and over the weekend!

The fishing is hot; get out and enjoy it!

  • Johnnie Candle


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