Devils Lake

Devils Lake: 10-25-2023


North Dakota guide Johnnie Candle gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Devils Lake on October 25th, 2023.

Devils Lake: 10-24-2023

It’s the last week of October and water temps are in the mid-fifties on Devils Lake and the fall fishing has been fantastic.

Walleyes can be caught along the weed edge in less than twelve feet of water. Look for green weeds, because those weed beds are going to hold the most fish.

Jigs paired with plastics are working great. Swimbaits and minnow profile baits seem to be producing the most fish. The best colors have been white and perch.

Some walleyes can be caught trolling along the old Devils Lake shoreline which is anywhere from eighteen to thirty feet of water depending on which part of the lake you are in. Look for bigger boulder areas of the old shoreline to hold the most fish.

Shad Raps, Salmo Hornets and Flicker Shads are all producing fish. White, chrome, fire tiger, and hot perch are all working great.

Jigging Raps have also been working great for walleyes in current areas near bridges. Vertically jigging them has been working best, but pitching them out has been working too.

devils lake

Anglers can expect to catch a number of pike mixed in with the walleyes. As their water temps drop look for some walleyes to begin to show up at the “first ice spots.”

The fall bite is only going to get better as the water temp continues to drop! Get out and enjoy it before it freezes up!

  • Johnnie Candle



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