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Devils Lake: 9-27-2023


North Dakota guide Johnnie Candle gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Devils Lake on September 27th, 2023.

Devils Lake: 9-27-2023

The fall walleye fishing is really heating up and anglers can expect to catch numbers of walleyes a few different ways.

Pulling spinners with bottom bouncers is still working great. The spinner bite should continue until water temps drop below the mid-fifties. Target the weed edges, the old Devils Lake shoreline, and rock reefs. Hammered silver and hammered gold have been the best colors for blades.

devils lake

Walleyes can be caught along road beds and on isolated rock reefs in ten feet of water and deeper. Monitor the wind and fish the sides of the reefs that have had the wind blowing onto them. This is going to congregate the baitfish and in return the walleyes.

Jigging Raps have been the best presentation for those fish, but you can also catch them pulling crankbaits with lead core.

The best color crankbaits have been white, perch, and firetiger. The Jigging Rap bite is only only going to get better as the water temps continue to cool down.

Anglers can expect to catch northern pike in the weed beds and on some of the deeper rock reefs. Swimbaits, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits will catch plenty of pike.

The fishing is only going to get better as we transition into fall. Make sure to plan a trip to Devils Lake and enjoy some of the awesome fishing opportunities it has to offer!

  • Johnnie Candle


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