Fremont Wisconsin

Fremont Wisconsin: 5-8-2023

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Wisconsin guide Troy Peterson of Mr. Bluegill’s Guide Service gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Fremont Wisconsin on May 8th, 2023.

Fremont Wisconsin: 5-8-2023

The white bass run is in full swing up on the Wolf river in Fremont Wisconsin. It’s a great time to have a ton of action and anglers can expect to catch a pile of white bass during the next few weeks.

Locating these schools of white bass is fairly easy.

During the morning target the main river channel in depths between twelve to fourteen feet of water. As the water warms up in the afternoon those fish will begin to push towards shallower water. Side imaging is key and can really identify the schools of fish in a hurry.

You can use a number of different presentations to catch them. Our best presentation has been a fly rig, but you can catch them on crankbaits, jigs and plastics, blade baits, spinners and more.

If you are going to use the fly rig expect doubles and even triples at times.

white bass Fremont Wisconsin

Anglers should also expect to run into the occasional walleye or bass mixed in as well.

Good luck to all those out fishing. The bite should be good for the next week or two so get up to the Wolf river in Fremont Wisconsin and enjoy it.

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