Wolf River

Wolf River (WI) Fishing Report — Troy Peterson


Troy Peterson (Mr. Bluegill Guide Service) is excited to be back on open water, and this is his first report of the season! In this report, he’s on the Wolf River near Fremont, Wisconsin, taking advantage of the annual white bass run. The bite has been absolutely insane, as you’d expect this time of year.

All Troy’s been doing is casting three-way rigs with flies, a classic Wisconsin presentation for white bass. It’s a fairly simple setup. All you need is a three-way swivel, a small bell sinker, and then some flies.

There are multiple places you can stop and pick up flies right in the Fremont area. The nice part about this rig is you don’t need livebait, which is helpful when you’re processing so many fish. Cast it out and reel it back in, great for the whole family!

The vast majority of the fish he’s catching are males, which are great for the dinner table. There’s truly an incredible amount of fish in the river right now. You could easily catch enough to fill a livewell. The bite will continue to be good here for the next week or two so make sure to get out and take part in this awesome bite on the Wolf River!

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